This is the  beginning of the Evah Fevah album, this video is  about the goals and inspirations that made it happen.

Meet the hit making Amazing and creative Producer and song writer Jens Gad.


EVAH DOHENY one of the Great Singers in New York

Thanks for checking out my site and taking a look at my life. I'm a young entertainer and performer. I enjoy singing with messages of hope that are empowering, fun, family friendly,  and will make your day. When you stop chasing your dreams, your dreams stop chasing you. In my new CD Evah Fevah, I have a song called NEVA GIVIN UP, this song is inspired by that feeling of never giving up on yourself or your dreams!. I have CD's and digital downloads of music in New York! Recently I was able to connect with an organization that offers smiles to children with cancer and their families, through music! When I heard about this organization I felt that I wanted to help them in anyway possible! Please take a moment and go and to their website, The Keys Program , it's an amazing organization helping children and their families! Thank you in advance for your kindness!